DREAM VILLA......in the "Algarve", southern portugal.

With almost 2,000m2 of luxury living, the "Villa Darling" at Vale de Parra sits on the top of a hill and consists of 7-bedrooms and 5-bathrooms spread over 3 floors. Two floors have large terraces with panoramic views over the algarve, and can be used for entertainment or simply sun-bathing.
There is a solar-heating system operating from the top floor, as well as a 'central heating system' throughout the entire house for those cool
winter evenings; or if one prefers, there is a large fireplace in the main living-room.

General View

Closer view.......

The lower ground floor contains a 'garden apartment' of 3-bedrooms which sleep 6-persons and rents out annually throughout the summer holidays to provide a good income of between €15-20,000 per annum. Regular rentals are obtained through 'ownersdirect.co.uk', property #709.

There is a large swimming pool, which is 'self-cleaning', and the ocean and valley views from the pool and main house can only be described as 'spectacular'.

Pool and vista to sea

Upper Terrace view

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  1. Durham
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Hallway and stairs to upper floor - note fish pond under stairs.

Salon...with wood-burning fireplace

Dining room cabinet


Bedroom 1.

Bedroom1 - Terrace

The rear garden, near the pool, is secluded by fully grown hedges, more flowers, a full lawn and barbecue area, and a
'larger-than-life- satellite dish, picking up over 5,000 channels worldwide - this system will remain with the villa.

Another view of pool area

Entrance to the property is through two attractively designed electric gates,opening out to a mature front garden with large, mature palm trees, orange and fig trees producing substantial fruits, and seasonal and permanent flowers. There is an electric irrigation system on a timer, for both front and rear gardens.

Front Entrance and 2-car port

Side view of entrance and palms

Terrace view to sea and Salgados Golf Course

Setting sun over 'Gale'

OFFERS INVITED! (in region of €1,200,500)

...CONTACT "jg@portugalnetwork.com"